Hi I’m Diana Cole.
I’m an author, an artist and a spiritual teacher, helping
you connect to your divine power so you can live a delicious life.

I’ve experienced both diving deep into my life, and living on the surface.
The ups and downs of life.
It took me a decade of living unfulfilled before I began to listen to my inner guidance system.
This was ironic, because I’m the daughter of a prominent figure in the new age movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up aware of how powerful the guidance of the invisble world can be. How much better your life looks and feels when you follow the signs and when you are able to live the life you desire.
If you are ready to make a change, a deep dive into yourself and unlock the power that lives in you and around you, then you are in the right place.

My Book

Get spiritual guidance & transform your life.

I’m a gifted intuitive. I’ve asked spirit thousands of questions – not only for myself – but for my many clients. The answers I’ve received have been transformational – leading to longed-for love, success and happiness. In my book I’ll show you how you too can begin conversations with spirit guides – which will become a lifelong source of joy and fulfillment.

In the field of transformation, it’s rare to encounter someone like Diana Cole, an emerging teacher of exceptional skill. She merges intuition, compassion, and wisdom — with a laser-like intelligence that wakes people up.

Kristine Carlson

NY Times bestselling author

I am so grateful that Diana Cole has finally said yes to her gift of connection with spirit and invited us all in, giving us a front row seat. She reminds us of our own divine invisibility by making the spirit world visible and audible.

Christina Rasmussen

Author of Where Did You Go?

Diana Cole has a precious and rare gift to clearly connect with your soul and then deliver to you articulate messages that are meaningful and useful.  She possesses a unique combination of innocence, humility and deep wisdom.

Arielle Ford

Author and Relationship Expert