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In my book, Positive Thought Warrior (due to be released this year), I outline in detail how to become more positive and how to start living the life you desire.  Here are 5 quick start things you can do right now to get started:

  1.   Imagine the life you want

This step requires you to go to place that is quiet and get comfortable with spending some time going on a mental journey.  Start to imagine all the things you would like to see in your life. Your home, your car, your job, the way people interact with you, the way you see other people.  It must be all positive and it must be what you want, not what you think you should want, but what you actually want.

  1.   Believe you are living your best life – now

Whatever you are picturing in your mind, believe you have it now and that it is on its way to you today.  Believe it is there and all you have to do is believe it, so it can be.  Don’t pray for it or hope for it, believe it is yours.

  1.   Start to notice the beauty around you

Walk outside and look around at the beauty around you. We have a sky, a sun, a moon, fog, fresh air.  Appreciate trees, animals, flowers. Say thank you to the universe, the invisible world for all that you get to experience, for the natural gifts you live with.

  1.   Stop saying negative things about yourself

This is key! Stop talking to yourself in a way that puts you down, judges you or makes excuses for what you want or how you feel. Know that you are perfect right now, no matter what and say things to yourself to encourage you and make you feel better.  Talk to yourself that way you think someone who is crazy in love with you should talk to you.

  1.   Stop saying bad things about other people

Do your best to avoid focusing on another person’s negative aspects. Do not think about them in your head and DO NOT say them out loud. Other people are part of the same universe that created you.  Just like the sky, the sun, the moon., the air, everyone is a part of what is beautiful. There is no right and no wrong. Everyone is different. Start to look at things that you like about other people, even the people who are not treating you well.