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About Diana Cole

Diana Cole is a spirit translator, thought leader, fitness guru, and emerging author. Diana is the daughter of a prominent figure in the new age movement in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Diana’s exposure and learning by some of the most notable figures in self-help is her foundation. Diana’s early career began as she desired to lead others out of pain. Through rehabilitation of a back injury, she was inspired to create and teach her own methods for becoming pain free. Through her gift of communicating and channeling the spirit world, Diana was given the clues to apply similar methods to her own life to cure pain of everyday emotional trauma. Today, through her Spirit Translation Readings, her vibrant Facebook community, speaking engagements, and live workshops, she guides individuals and groups through the steps of healing through channeling, positive thought patterning and meditation.

Pain woke me up to spirit.

I learned that when one kind of pain comes knocking and we do not open the door, another one will be on its way, again and again until we awaken to the truth of who we are. We are so much more than the sum of our accumulated experiences and stories. We are more than we can imagine.


It took a decade of pain before I began to listen to the guidance I had been ignoring. Everything I needed was inside me—all the answers, all the love, all the healing and happiness, but instead I closed my intuitive senses off and marched forward, crossing my fingers that everything would eventually work out. It was almost as if I had amnesia when it came to the mysteries and magic I had encountered in the years prior.

When you make the shift to wanting to feel good, it’s important to take a good look at your life and see where you are. I looked around at the life I had created, and it felt to me like I was stuck in the life I didn’t want.  After assessing how bad I had been feeling, and knowing I could instantly feel better by changing my thoughts, I knew I needed to make a change. My conditions were bad enough that I knew making a quantum leap to the life I wanted was not only necessary, it was the only life I would accept for myself. So I applied my positive thought work to my life, and I decided to think and believe I was already in the life I wanted until it materialized around me. 
I believe that all the answers to all of our questions are here for us. And I know that if we take the time to have our own spirit conversations, we feel better—often better than we have ever felt before. 

Diana and Jack Canfield, Santa Barbara, CA

Diana and Lisa Nichols, Los Angeles, CA

Diana and Kristine Carlson, San Francisco, CA

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