Get spiritual guidance & transform your life.

I’m a gifted intuitive. I’ve asked spirit thousands of questions – not only for myself – but for my many clients. The answers I’ve received have been transformational – leading to longed-for love, success and happiness. In my book I’ll show you how you too can begin conversations with spirit guides – which will become a lifelong source of joy and fulfillment.
When I was a young girl, I realized that I possessed an unusual gift for intuition. I was a natural open channel for spirit communication.
I regularly heard messages from my spirit guide and enjoyed delicious unexplained synchronicities.
My father, Dr. Ernest Pecci, encouraged me to explore my connection to the invisible forces that are meant to support and guide us. He was a prominent psychiatrist and pioneer in the human potential movement.
And so I was regularly surrounded by his teachings and his friends—spiritual leaders like Elizabeth Kubler- Ross, Hugh Lynn Cayce, Werner Erhard, Swami Muktananda and more.
These brilliant minds and beautiful hearts influenced me deeply.

In “Spirit Translator,” I distill everything I know about spirit into what I call “the seven transformative truths for well-being and happiness.”

Together these “Seven Lessons” become an advanced blueprint for divine guidance – a “how to map” – showing you how to connect with the presence of spirit – and take a deeper dive into your inner self – your inner wisdom.

Whatever pain or limitation you are facing, whatever dream, goal, or desire you wish to manifest in the world, these “Seven Lessons” will provide empowering answers and deeper understanding – so you can transform your life for the better.

In each chapter I share in simple steps how you can connect to your own spirit guide – and heal yourself through what I call “positive thought repatterning.”

Plus I explain – in logical terms – how and why spirit guides are the ultimate teachers of positive thought.

I also share lots of fascinating true stories of how others have used my tools to enjoy greater health, more abundance, deeper love, and soul satisfying fulfillment.

Spirit Translator Book Cover

The tools in this book are needed now—more than ever— in today’s challenging world.

Plus, in case you are wondering, this book will help you no matter your religious faith or secular orientation.
Ultimately, Spirit Translator, is a book of self-empowerment for everybody – no matter your age, gender, race, culture or background.
You will find everything you need to know to begin a lifelong conversation with your spirit source, so you can live in your fullest potential, and enjoy an ongoing connection to intuition, positive thinking, love and success.
Diana Cole has a rare gift that she has lived with for a lifetime, one that she is only now bringing to the world stage. She is the Spirit Translator, using her direct line of communication with the invisible world to answer the questions that matter most and help you live your dreams.
Jack Canfield

Originator, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Diana Cole is a conduit for miracles to happen. She is so clear and so committed to well-being that when she turns her intuitive abilities in your direction, positive change is inevitable. Spirit Translator is the book that makes her gifts available to the whole world for the first time.

Marci Shimoff

Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason

Spirit Translator is an important book and Diana Cole is the real deal. This book will awaken you to the importance of listening to your inner wisdom―plus give you tools to hear spirit guidance and understand why we experience difficulties. You’ll learn to step into your power!

Karen Salmansohn

Bestselling Author, Listen To Your Heart