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I’m a mom, entrepreneur, and a warrior. I fight with positive thought—it’s my weapon of choice and I want it to be yours too.

Introducing the Positive Thought Warrior

Learn how to change your life with positive thought Digital Course

If you are feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied or disempowered then this course is for you. You will learn how to live an empowered, judgement-free life and will learn how to attract to you all you desire.

This 6-module online class will help you step into the life you want and shed what is no longer working for you.

“The foundation of this course is what I extrapolated from my book, Positive Thought Warrior, coming next year.  This is a deep dive class to help you shift your thoughts and make dramatic changes now.”

Why you need to learn positive thought

  • You are, unknowingly, holding yourself back from being the full being you are meant to be.

  • You did not learn how to be happy and it is time to start living in full-blown happiness

  • You have the power to live the life you want, your tools are here.

  • You are being pulled toward a world that gets more negative year by year.

  • You are easily brought down by news, gossip, social media, judgement and self-doubt.

  • It is time to learn how to raise your vibration so you attract what you want and repel what you do not want.

This Course offers

  • 6 steps to becoming a Positive Thought Warrior who fights with positive thought as your weapon of choice and wins!

  • You will become skilled at learning The Positive Thought Warrior Method

  • Learn or enhance your daily meditation practice

  • Become part of a private community for support and guidance

  • You will be able to easily follow and digest the course material in your own time, on your own schedule.

Positive Thought warrior courses

These courses are designed to help guide you to changing your thought patterns.


Learn how to access your feeling center and get in touch with your true feelings. Learn how to express them unapologetically.


Learn to find what points in your body are holding pain and release them with thought. This practice helps to dissolve negative patterns before they begin.


Learn how to connect with everything and raise your vibration so you attract what you want.


Release your Thought Traps

Learn my techniques for releasing the old thought patterns and start to build new, positive patterns that will improve your life and watch the people around you feel better too!

Strengthen your thought muscles

Learn how to stay away from negativity and protect your positive nature so that you continue to intensify in happiness and vibration.

Find Your Sacred Garden

Learn how a daily meditation practice can help your life flow and transform your relationship with yourself.

This Course At A Glance


Boost your mood and elevate your life

Guided exercise, mediations and affirmations to help you stay on track


Workbook handouts to deep dive your new way of thinking

Learn or enhance your meditation practice

Learn anytime anywhere, this is a self-paced class


A plan to get positive and stay on track


Access to a private FaceBook group for enhances learning


Two bonus live calls to ask questions

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Happiness lives inside you and you have the power to find it, I’ll show you how.

I actually believed I had the life I was living and another invisible one that ran in tandem with reality. My invisible life was extraordinary but out of reach– it was the life I could have had, but didn’t. As soon as I realized I could make the leap up to the life I dreamed of by shifting my thoughts, everything changed. I’m now living the life I couldn’t grasp. I’d like to help you grasp your extraordinary life.

Change your thoughts. Realize your dreams. Love your life.

I have worked with people for many years helping them to realize positive, life changing shifts in their body, mind and spirit. Here is what a few of them are saying.

There is depth and wisdom in everything Diana touches, lives, and breathes. Her ability to lead with fervor, conviction, fierce discipline, and raw candor both in and outside the “classroom” inspires me to seize challenges, to live without fear.

Her gift is listening to individual needs and creating solutions. She provides a warm, inviting, harmonious community. Her courage, vision, work ethic, & inner drive are the epitome of female empowerment.

Her actions teach me to rise above adversity, stay focused, and move forward with positivity.

Elena – California

 I’m always learning from Diana. She’s an inspiration to anyone who has experienced her gift as a teacher.

Heather – Connecticut

I was struggling with self-confidence and a clear vision for my life before I began working with Diana. The best part of spending time with her was the positivity and confidence she instilled within me. Working and learning from her has been invaluable to my life. From the moment you meet Diana, prepare for a new wave of positivity and creativity to consume you.

Nicole – New York

Diana has such a gentle confidence and pure gift to lead and teach. I’m very thankful to have learned, and grown, and been supported by Diana both personally and professionally.

Leslie – California

Diana’s gift of intuition is invaluable when I’m feeling stuck. Her lack of judgment, empathy and positive attitude towards her clients feels like a soft place to land. Diana has a strong insight into life challenges, gained through her own experiences. Her ability to help her clients see the positive that can come out of even the worst situations is life changing. Diana has helped me change my perspective, behavior or response which has helped me move past my own unresolved issues.

Felicity – Hawaii