thought rehab™

The Thought Rehab COURSE

Diana’s father, Dr. Ernest Pecci, created ”The Process” in 1967, which became the foundation for the world renowned Hoffman Process. This immersion program offered a transformation through discovering self-love and purpose. Dr. Pecci offered this program through the 1980’s with many therapists, clients and notable leaders in the self-help industry as participants. Integrating her father’s tools to help you experience real changes in your life through self-discovery and using these processes as her guide, Diana has created Thought Rehab Process to help you achieve great shifts and changes in your inner life that will transform your outer reality.

This is a three-month commitment to realize your soul purpose and manifest the extraordinary life you are meant to live with step-by-step guidance and transformation.

You will

  • Learn to resolve thought and behavior patterns that impact your relationships
  • Learn to let go of what doesn’t work in your life and uncover a more powerful, creative you
  • Move naturally into becoming a more loving, compassionate person
  • Become the most powerful version of yourself
  • Learn a full proof method for creating contagious happiness

You will receive

  • A plan to get where you are today and where you want to be
  • Weekly guidance and assignments to help you achieve your goals
  • Attention to your specific needs and transformation
  • Manuals to guide you and keep you on track throughout the process
  • Weekly coaching to answer questions and help guide you through the steps

Remote learning

This is a series of live calls twice per week, plus one-on-one deep dive instruction. Weekly assignments, reading and workbook handouts will help guide you along the way.

Each week you will:

Join live class calls

Experience one-on one guidance

Manual inserts to explain and encourage your transformation

Workbook assignments to help you deepen your understanding of the material

Guided meditation and prayer

Mind trip work to help break loose old thought patterns

Encouragement as you uncover your loving, creative, positive self

Access to Private Facebook group for support and questions

“The ultimate purpose of all spiritual practices is to transcend the limitations imposed by the body upon the expansion of consciousness. This involves the returning of the flow of energy and the balance of energy within and through the physical body. It is more than a matter of health, but a process of self-discovery that leads to soul development.”

Dr. Ernest Pecci, MD

Price $2750

We limit attendance to assure that each participant gets personal guidance and attention.  This process is currently only offered twice per year.