We are all connected to each other and to everything around us. I believe the answers to your questions are here, swimming around you. I can access this information from my spirit team, want to give it a try?

I believe we all have the power to communicate with the invisible world. The difference is that I have been practicing this since I was 4 years old. I learned to talk to my spirit guides, channel answers to my questions and have conversations with the invisible. 

Your life can change overnight when you make the decision to live the life you desire. Would you like a boost from the invisible world, answers your questions, a positive thought prescription to get you on the right track? Then you are in the right place.

Personal 1:1

Personalized Spirit Translation Reading

Ask your questions:

When I ask my spirit team questions, I am the physical conduit of their messages for you.

Get answers:

Each answer is energetically wrapped in a visceral healing that will help raise your frequency and ease your life flow.

With your spirit translation reading, you will receive valuable insight on how to move forward delivered with a loving, supportive energy.  You will experience a pulling back of the veil to receive deep soulful revelations

Price $299


Large Audience Readings

Large audience readings provide a unique opportunity to be in the energy of healing and wisdom. This is a great opportunity to explore your connection with your spirituality and to be in the momentum of great shifts.

I provide large group and audience readings by request.

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“Diana Cole has a precious and rare gift to clearly connect with your soul and then deliver to you articulate messages that are meaningful and useful.  She possesses a unique combination of innocence, humility and deep wisdom.”

Arielle Ford, Author, Speaker, Relationship Expert

Working with Diana is amazing! I am so thankful she is sharing her intuitive gifts and talents with us. Her messages are healing and the guidance from her and her spirit team are amazing. Receiving the written information and recording is so helpful. I have already read the information a few times. There is so much information to process. I feel lighter and able to go forward in a new way.

Darlene Hayes, Managing Partner RGA Design

My session with Diana was extraordinary. The clarity and instruction I received was more than I had hoped for. To be met with truth and understanding in this way was absolutely riveting. I’ve been a student of metaphysics and an explorer of consciousness since I was a teenager and have been fortunate to have many powerful readings over the years (with intuitives, channelers, and others). It’s clear that Diana has a rare gift. As I put into action what Spirit has laid out for me in the reading, I know that my life will change in important ways.

Debra Evans

Diana has an incredibly grounded and supportive way of bringing insight forward to you so that you can feel clear about what’s next in life. She is a powerful spiritual messenger and provided incredible information to me about how to move forward on my next steps! I highly recommend her if you are ready for more clarity and direction.

Cameo Gore, Lifestyle and Business Success Coach

Diana is an exquisite personality who clearly has a gift. Her generous soul shares this gift in an uplifting way. My first reading was clear, professional and magical. I love it when I’m surprised by hearing something that I KNOW a stranger ‘just can’t have known’. I did feel the messages as a “graceful healing” and am grateful for the peace I have experienced since the experience as I’ve reflected on what I heard. Receiving the recording is also an added bonus that is much appreciated. Diana is a special woman who helps others to grow & shine.

Kim Serafini, CEO & Founder, Mind Power Technology

Diana is a gifted guide. She helped me to understand what was going on in my life on so many levels. She gave me insight into some medical issues that none of my doctors were able to pinpoint. My reading with Diana inspired a pivotal turning point for me and for that I am deeply grateful. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone looking to reclaim their True Self.

Alana Leigh, Jewelry Designer