Build your Spiritual Practice with Lessons from Spirit


Are you ready to empower your life through messages form spirit?


Learn from the spirit translator lessons that will help you build and grow your own spiritual practice. 

The lessons I channeled are the method for living in purpose, meaning, freedom and joy. It worked for me, it can work for you.

When my life changed, I knew I had to share this wisdom with everyone. I’ll show you how to see changes in your own life.


I know how easy it is to skate by on the surface ice of fun and freedom—freedom from knowing there is more, something bigger, some larger truth that binds us all.

It’s time to deep dive into what is here for you.

Are you ready to Learn the essentials to living a life of purpose and meaning?

Do you want to…

Learn the foundation of a spiritual practice

Achieve an understating of energy and your place in it

Build a strong relationship with your spirit guides 

Get answers to your questions

Live your life feeling safe, protected and at peace

I help people build inner strength through connecting to spirit wisdom

Even though I grew up channeling the words of spirit, I got off track, I know how hard it is to build a spiritual foundation or grow a stronger practice, so I created a place where you can get everything you need here.

Become a Spirit Method Member 

The spirit Method encompasses the lessons I have received and channeled from spirit for you.

Each month I deliver new material for you to download and access at your convenience.

I have the same questions you have, I just know how to tap into non-physical intelligence to get answers. I learned a young age how to be a spirit translator. It wasn’t until my life turned upside down that I learned the importance of the messages I was receiving. 

I heard the guidance but it seemed too simple. I thought the solutions to my problems would be tough. When I surrendered to the simplicity of the messages I was receiving, I applied these lessons to my life, and everything changed. It was quick, it was miraculous and it was what I wanted.

Are you ready to build a practice that will help you see miraculous changes in your life?

Read What women Are Loving About This program

I Highly Recommend!

Diana has an incredibly grounded and supportive way of bringing insight forward to you so that you can feel clear about what’s next in life. She is a powerful spiritual messenger and provided incredible information to me about how to move forward on my next steps! I highly recommend her if you are ready for more clarity and direction.

Cameo Gore, Lifestyle and Business Success Coach


A precious and rare gift!

Diana Cole has a precious and rare gift to clearly connect with your soul and then deliver to you articulate messages that are meaningful and useful.  She possesses a unique combination of innocence, humility and deep wisdom.

Arielle Ford, Author, Speaker, Relationship Expert


Diana is a gifted guide!

She helped me to understand what was going on in my life on so many levels. She gave me insight into some medical issues that none of my doctors were able to pinpoint. My reading with Diana inspired a pivotal turning point for me and for that I am deeply grateful. I would highly recommend Diana to anyone looking to reclaim their True Self.

Alana Leigh, Jewelry Designer


I feel lighter!

Working with Diana is amazing! I am so thankful she is sharing her intuitive gifts and talents with us. Her messages are healing and the guidance from her and her spirit team are amazing. Receiving the written information and recording is so helpful. I have already read the information a few times. There is so much information to process. I feel lighter and able to go forward in a new way.

Darlene Hayes, Managing Partner RGA Design


The Spirit Method Membership at a glance

Monthly affirmations

You can download the words and wisdom to help guide you and nurture you.

Meditation Jumpstarts

Each month I add meditation jumpstarts to help you deepen your practice and get calm and clear for life shifts.

Monthly live channeling sessions

Each month you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from my spirit team.

Live online trainings

I will host live trainings for members four times per year

Playlists to get you into spirit space

I will give you access to the playlists I use for getting connected to my spirit. The right sounds can raise your vibration and elevate your energy.

E-books, tools and tutorials

Each month I will add a spirit method tool kit to guide you each step of the way.

A supportive community

You will have access to a private community of like-minded Spirit Method members for encouragement and well-being.

Discounts on Courses

As a member you will receive discounts on all my courses on positive thought and spirit translation. You will also get exclusive offers on live events and book signings.

When you sign up now you will get access to a vault of information and content. There is already enough information in your member portal to get you fully immersed.

The Spirit Method Membership is a combination of inspiration that feels like real clarity, information that feels like inner knowing and life shifts that feel miraculous. 

Each month you will have everything you need to build your own spiritual blueprint that works for you.

The Spirit Method Membership can be purchased for one year

You will receive:

  • Workbook pages to help you get on track and stay there
  • ebooks on spirituality, meditation, manifestation and channeling
  • Courses on how to live connected to yourself and your soul
  • Courses on positive thought
  • Courses on speaking to your spirit guides
  • Meditations to get you into the universal flow of happiness

  • Affirmations for thought patterning and manifestation

  • Connect with me live for channeling sessions

  • Join our private FaceBook group and get your questions answered in a like-minded community

This founding member price is one payment for the entire year or content.

Here are the answers to some more questions.

How does my membership subscription work?

When you choose the one year plan, your credit card is charged the full amount at time of purchase.  

If you choose to cancel your membership within the first 5 days of purchase, you will be fully refunded.

What if I can’t get through all the material?

You will find a lot of material in your member portal and more will be added each month. Move at your own pace.  The membership options are purposely long periods of time so that you will have a chance to access everything.

What if I have a strong religious or spiritual practice already?

This is a great place to access information that can be used along with any religion or spiritual practice.  The information here will help you feel better and feel more connected to yourself.

If you are on your way to feeling strong in your practice, this information will help you grow and deepen your knowledge.

What if I need help in my member portal?

If you need help at any time, email for help.

What if my membership is expiring but I want to continue?

You will receive an email before your membership expires, asking if you would like to renew or cancel. At that time you will have the option to make your choice.