spirit translator™
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Have you ever wondered what a conversation with your spirit guides would be like? How do you make contact? What would you ask?
What would they say?

If you would like to learn how to have conversations with spirit,
then I will show you how.

Introducing the Be A Spirit Translator Course
Learn how to make contact, ask questions and get answers

This 4 module live course will teach you how to make a connection with your spirit guides and start a conversation.

I learned spirit translation at four years old and have been having conversations with my spirit team ever since. With my guidance, you will learn how to do this too!

Why you need to learn spirit translation

  • You have intimate questions about your life circumstances that cannot be answered by anyone outside you.  

  • You want to feel loved unconditionally, with permission to live the life you desire

  • You know your friends, counselors, and family members can only see what you see, answers from a wide vantage point from all that is, will be life-changing.

  • You desire a connection to your source that feels real and invigorating

  • You want to step out of fear about sickness, loss, and aging.

  • You want answers about your purpose, your mission and your significance

This Course offers

  • The basics of spirit translation

  • Tools for preparing for spirit contact

  • Learn secrets of the pendulum

  • Learn a process for clearing your slate for communication

  • Become skilled at asking your questions

  • You will realize invisible messages and miracles all around you.

Module Breakdown

This course is offered one time per week for four weeks. You will be invited to join the live calls and will also receive them post-recording.

Module 1 Spirit Translation basics

Learn how and why this is the best method for shifting your life to one of joy, self-awareness and deep wisdom.

Module 2 Learn to ask your questions

Learn to ask the right questions while clearing resistances for answers.

Module 3 How to receive messages

Learn my step-by-step process for spirit translation.

Module 4 Learn to listen to your answers

Learn to hear messages during your translation sittings and all around you as you move through your days.

This Course At A Glance

Feel love and Support in a new exciting way


Learn tools for non-verbal messages and urges


Get answers wrapped in love and healing


Realize shifts to uplevel your inner world


Access to a private facebook group for Q & A


Workbook handouts to fast track your learning

Four Live Calls

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