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What you say to yourself, in your head, is your “ask”. Think about that for a moment.  Many of us learn to pray at a young age.  We are told to pray at a church or before going to bed. We are to get quiet and ask our god for what we want.  Is prayer really different than self talk? I don’t think it is.

Self Talk is Prayer

I am suggesting that what you say in your head, is not between you and you. It is between you and the universe – the same place we pray to, the same place we came from and return to, the same place that creates everything.  If this could be true, then it is imperative that we only talk positively to ourselves, about ourselves, other people, our environment.

Start to become aware of the conversations you have in your head. Are you thinking about the same things over and over again? Many of us are. What do you say to yourself most often? Can you see the connection between those thoughts and the life you live?

Self Talk Must Be Kindness to Oneself

When you start to talk kindly to yourself and observe your environment in a positive way, you will notice more positivity come toward you.

What if you believed that everything you said in your head, under your breath, was what you were asking the universe to deliver?  Do you notice that people usually possess the quality they complain about most?  The person who is constantly complaining about being fat is overweight.  The person who complains about being broke, usually has little money.  The person who complains about not having a partner is usually single.

If you hear someone say something out loud, you can be sure they are saying the same things, quietly to themselves, sometimes even harsher or more unforgiving.

We hold ourselves in conditions we do not desire by talking about them to ourselves. Try to change your internal dialogue for just one hour. It can be challenging at first, but as you get more practiced it will get easier.

Check back for more tips soon.